Bagel-Themed First Aid for Choking Poster

Bagel-Themed First Aid for Choking Poster


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Need a required first aid for choking poster, but want to express your love for bagels in doing so? This informative, scallion-y poster is for you!

Great for bagel shops, restaurants, kitchens, schools that teach first aid/ CPR/Heimlich maneuver, or just as decorative living room art.

Customer Reviews

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Taylor F
This was a hit!

I got this print as a just-because gift for my dad and he thought it was the funniest thing ever. He told the whole Thanksgiving table all about it, then pulled up Katie B's Instagram and showed everyone her many cartoons. He's become a total fan. These prints are a perfect gift for a punster or art-lover—and he's both!

Anna Dziamski
Vibrant Prints

In love with these! Colors are so beautiful in real life, the Edgar Dogas one is my fave 😍.
Came super duper fast and well packaged. Of course I’m a professional procrastinator so not framed yet, but will try to post a picture when they are.

Mary B.
Super cute and arrived quickly

I love it! High quality paper and print, cute hilarious image, and it was delivered within a couple of days of ordering.

Julie S
Love it!!

The print is so beautiful! The colors are super vibrant and the paper is great quality. It shipped really quickly (and safely), too. I love that in addition to being funny it's actually such a beautiful piece of art! :)

Matthew T.

Not only is it a wonderful piece of art, but it reminds me every day of all the bagel varieties we're currently missing out on and what the future may bring us. I'm trying to get the place in my neighborhood to make me a half wheat.

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