236 Animal Pun Cartoons

All these cartoons are wild (except for the domesticated ones).

In this pun, the raving lunatic is, in fact, a raven, who is saying , "I've bought a house on the moon, and NASA has hired me as a bowling ball!"
In non-related news, my dream job is to be a bowling ball.
In this pun on rattle snakes, we see rattled snakes - two snakes so nervous that they are scared by any noise, jumping to the conclusion that it must be an intruder or ghost and they must flee. This is very relatable.
Inspired by: any time I've ever heard a noise
In this pun on the delicious food, instead of seeing literal chicken soups, we see "chicken stews," i.e. a chicken stewing in its own thoughts.
Ah, the rich flavor of rumination!
In this pun on the food chicken-fried steak, we see what it is: steak fried by a chicken fry cook.
I prefer chicken-boiled pasta.
In this mashup pun on mailman and mandrill (the baboon with the greatest colorful bum), we see a mailmandrill - a mandrill who of course is employed by the postal service as a mailman.
Sometimes I wish the postal service would stop monkeying around.
In this pun on fishtank, we see a fish in a tank - i.e. a fish wearing a tank top (he's also wearing sunglasses, but that's besides the point.)
Most fish do not prefer to be in tanks. They'd rather be in turtlenecks.
In this pun on two-toed sloth, we see the two TOAD sloth, a happy sloth holding two toads.
Not to be confused with the Two-Frog Sloth
In this pun on stuffed animals, we see two animals (a bear and a bunny rabbit) at a restaurant table who are completely full. The waiter comes over offering dessert, but the bear declines-  they are absolutely... stuffed.
Not sure why children sleep with these (although I guess it’s notably safer than sleeping with hungry animals)
In this pun on NPR (national public radio), we see Hen P R, Hen Public Radio - two chickens sit at the radio desk saying "You're listening to all wings considered."
Ah, the dulcet tones of vocal fry and clucking!
In this pun on baking technique of giving a pastry an egg wash, we see a parent chicken bathing its baby egg in a bath.
A technique I learned from the Great British Bokking Show