12 Robot Pun Cartoons

Fun cartoons whether or not you can pass a CAPTCHA!

In this pun on rows and columns, we see robots (robots in rows) vs. columnbots (robots in columns).
Automaton taxonomy
In this play on Shakespeare's Hamlet, we see Hamlet played by a robot, holding up Yorick's skull. He says, "Alas, poor Yorick! My facial recognition technology would know him anywhere!"
This above all: to thine own robot overlord be true.
In this pun on robot, we see the brobot, a robot with a popped collar who delivers all the information a bro could need (crypto/Bitcoin prices, IPA alcohol content, scores in a football game).
This bro definitely pumps iron.
A robot celebrates her bat mitzvah in the Jewish coming of age ceremony where girl bots become womandroids. L'Chaim!
When a girl becomes a womandroid
In this pun on the claim that bots are influencing elections, we see 4 bots that are not robots: bottle caps, botany, Botticelli, and Bat Mitzvahs.
An ominous and spooky one in honor of everyone's favorite upcoming scary holiday, Election Day. #ridinwithbiden
In this comparison cartoon, we see 5 stages of words that use R, B, and T. 1: Robot. 2: Robot Rowboat (a bot in a boat) 3. the above Reboot (a DVD called Boating Bytes 2) 4.the above Rebate (cash back!) 5. the above Rabbit (a bunny bought with rebate cash
In this pun on cilantro and robot, we see the cilantrobot, a robot that is beloved by some and tastes soapy to others.
I hate when there is a hostile robot takeover and it leaves a soapy aftertaste.
We see a robot seemingly on the attack saying, "Death to all men!" and a woman looking lovingly at him in agreement. The connection was instantaneous.
Happy Valentine's Day!
A woman dances with a robot who has a huge earpiece and antennae. She is happy to have found a partner who listens, even if he does report everything back to the NSA.
Whether you love humans or diabolical robots created by and reporting to the government, happy Valentine's Day!
In this jab at those people in vests who stop you on the street corner asking if you have a minute for human rights, we see one of those workers stopping a passerby, who happens to be a robot. Robots, of course, have no time for human rights.
A glimpse into what jobs will be like during the robot revolution