31 Work Pun Cartoons

Yes, looking at these count towards your billable hours.

An HR rep tells a power drill that unfortunately, he is going to have to fire him.
It's okay, the drill didn't find that desk job very fulfilling anyway.
In this pun on chairman at a company, we see two business associates meet Carl, who is seated in the yoga chair position, whose job title, of course is "chair man."
I just started working a 9-5, so now I have a very accurate understanding of the corporate world.
In this pun on the fourth of July tradition of fire works, we see Fire Works: a flame doing a job at a laptop talking on the phone to its boss promising to have a deck done by noon.
This may be scary to your dog if your dog believes that all employees deserve the day off.
In this pun on software designer, we see a person (who is clearly a fashion designer, wheeling in a clothing rack of very fluffy and soft looking garments) enter a tech startup office. The person says, "I'm here for the interview. I'm a soft wear designer
Do I use python? No, snake skin is not a soft enough material for my work.
In this pun on data scientists "scraping the data," we see a woman talking to her boss. She says, "I scraped the data like you asked, but it didn't give me any information." Next to the woman is a sad chart, bleeding because he's bee scraped.
Is this what data scientists do?
In this pun on connecting on networking site, LinkedIn, we see two people professionally connected on Lincoln - President Abraham Lincoln. It's an easy mistake.
I’ve made this mistake too many times to count. #professionalnetworker
Some cardboard boxes work in an office.
Shockingly, some prefer this to box work-from-home.
In this pun on bureaucrat, a rat does paperwork as his part of bureaucracy.
These are a few of my favorite things! (Paperwork and rats)
In this pun on Microsoft PowerPoint, people do powerful pointing.
Not sure why work doesn't find my PowerPoints informative
A face card from a deck of playing cards holds a briefcase and resume.
I don't know who uses these, I just connect with face cards on LinkedIn.