31 Work Pun Cartoons

Yes, looking at these count towards your billable hours.

In this pun on time management, we see a manager at work who is, of course, a clock.
Despite the friendly appearance, time management is very difficult.
In this pun on the food poached chicken, we see a chicken employee of the AT&T cell phone store getting poached by a Verizon recruiter (also a chicken) who is offering $18/hour pay AND health insurance.
Obviously I’m trying to get a sponsorship from the Big Chicken lobby.
In this pun on fast food favorite, fried chicken, we see a chicken in business attire feeling fried and thinking, "This 80 work week is killing me!"
“Asinine puns based on different preparations of chicken” weekend going strong! #🐓
We see a circus ringmaster looking inside a lion and saying, "Al, its time for your performance review." Apparently, the lion tamer was eaten by the lion, and this review is not going to go well.
Not sure what's worse - being eaten by a lion, or having a performance review.
In this pun on job fair, we see a carnival with booths like "guess the age/weight/hirability" and "Pop 3 balloons and we'll take your resume!"
Nothing is more fun!
In this pun on nose job, we see a nose working a desk job.
Unfortunately, I just have a nose unpaid internship.
An elf sits at a job interview, and the interviewer says, "Tell me more about your last job sitting on a shelf and surveilling a 4-year-old."
Even elves on shelves get tired of seasonal work.
A person on the street with a clipboard and vest asks a passing person, "Do you have a minute to discuss other job opportunities for me?"
It’s never too strange a stage in your career to consider law school.
A salesman shows up to a job with a briefcase and suit and says, "I thought this was a sales job." It's on a sailboat.
It's an easy mistake.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a tech conference with people revealing new software and hardware, next to a Discoteque conference, where people are dancing under the disco ball.
I just want to go to a conference room and dance to Donna Summer.