15 School Pun Cartoons

Get schooled by these.

In this pun on remote learning, we see three remote controls at desks, learning various things (one reads Kurt Vonnegut, one does multiplication, the other reads a book called "Latin for Beginners").
All of our remotes are going to be so smart after all of this!
In this pun on scientific piece of equipment, the graduated cylinder, we see a happy cylinder with a graduation cap and diploma, presumably having completed high school or college!
Congrats to all the graduated cylinders, rectangular prisms, and cones out there!
In this pun on student loans. a person asks if she can borrow a student for an afternoon.
I borrowed an AP Latin student over a decade ago, and I'm still dealing with the consequences.
Two ink blots take a math test.
Unfortunately, your subconscious is not particularly helpful on math tests.
In this pun on work study, a person reads the instructional manual "Gyrating for Dummies" and twerks.
A great way to fund your education in the works of Shake-speare
A witch with a PhD in classical studies talks to a friend.
I told the witch doctor I was in love with you, and she said "Amo Amas Amat Amamus Amatis Amant."
In this pun on kindergarden, we see Chickindergarden, which is a class for young chickens. Chicks sit on the reading rug near a "Bok to school" sign while their teacher reads, "Chicken Chicken Boom Boom" (based on Chicka Chicka Boom Boom)
Chicken Chicken Boom Boom #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on seances summoning spirits, we see a seance that has accidentally summoned school spirit (which is a cheerleader who is overly enthusiastic about her school).
I guess a seance with any spirit present is a successful seance.
In this pun on Sunday School, we see sundae school, where good little cones and cups presumably learn about the history of ice cream.
School is cool, especially when it is held in a freezer so the pupils don’t melt.
In this pun on the final line of the Alphabet song, we see someone who now knows their ABCs because they are at a networking event with different letters of the alphabet.
The things you learn while networking!