38 Love Pun Cartoons

Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you want to look at these cartoons one more time?

We see a date between a human and a robot, and the human is thinking that sure, this robot doesn't pass the Turing test, but what's so great about being human anyway?
Happy Valentine’s Day to all the robots and robot lovers out there!
In this pun on being swept off one's feet, we see a person who has fallen, clearly grounded because an errant broom sweep by a foolish janitor has left them grounded. Is it love? Or is it just poorly performed janitorial arts?
Love in the Time of Poorly-Performed Janitorial Arts
In this pun on treasure map, we see a map and a guy at the marriage altar. Map promised to treasure Rick. And Rick promises to... treasure map.
There is no road map for love. But apparently, there can be love for Road Map.
In this pun on the phrase you've stolen my heart, we see a robber running away with someone's heart (as in the human organ) while that person, chest ripped open and spurting blood, stands there in shock.
Craigslist: great for connecting with missed connections and buying organs!
In this pun on empty promises, we see emptying promises - i.e. one person promises another to do much emptying (empty the trash, empty the laundry, empty that sour milk from the fridge that has been there way too long.)
Empty promises are out, emptying promises are in!
Ernie is in a wrestling match with a woman who holds him in a head-lock. Both are clad in wrestling attire. Ernie seems surprised. The caption reads- This was not what Ernie expected when his friend told him he'd "found a match" for him.
You're my better half (Nelson).
In this play off of a man recently receiving a heart transplant from a pig, we see a pig holding a man's hand, giving him his heart, by saying, "Science may have changed my brain, but YOU opened my mind."
Researchers hope the breakthrough may lead to life-long love.
A man at a bar tries to pick up three women. Unfortunately, the women are all sticks.
Did it hurt... when you fell off a tree?
A figure 8 knot holds the hand of someone who has clearly just ended their relationship, and the knot says, "I will always remember you."
Knot a situation I'd want to be in
Two gals look over at their other friend Jen across the room, who is chatting up a human-sized hammer. The friends remark to each other, "Jen's friend is such a too."
Friends don't let friends date inanimate objects!