38 Love Pun Cartoons

Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you want to look at these cartoons one more time?

In this pun on the Gabriel Garcia Marquez book "Love in the Time of Cholera," we see love AFTER the time of cholera- which is just two skeletons holding hands lovingly noting that love is much easier now that they don't have sick intestines.
The sequel we all deserve
In this pun on snake charmer, we see a charming snake courting another snake, saying "You look ssssstunning!"
Preferable to the rude anacondas from Sir Mix-a-Lot’s raps
A woman introduces her couple friends to her new boyfriend, who, it turns out, is a voodoo doll. She says, "We were spending so much time together, this next step seemed only right."
For all the folks out there who have unwittingly fallen head over heels for their voodoo dolls.
In this comparison cartoon, we see someone proposing a toast by raising a glass next to someone proposing marriage TO a slice of toast.
“Why do we need to memorize the prepositions? What’s the point of them, anyway?” -A fifth grader
In this pun on hold your hoses, we see someone embrace her horse.
Keep your friends close and yours horses closer.
In this pun on Nora Ephron's movie Sleepless in Seattle, we see Sheepless in Seattle: Little Bo Peep is on the phone, lamenting to (probably) Tom Hanks, "It's been lonely without them. I mean, no girl should grow up without a herd."
Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks’ second best movie after Ewe’ve Got Mail
A woman dances with a robot who has a huge earpiece and antennae. She is happy to have found a partner who listens, even if he does report everything back to the NSA.
Whether you love humans or diabolical robots created by and reporting to the government, happy Valentine's Day!
In this mash up of Genghis Khan and con artist, we see Genghis Con Artist, who is trying to seduce a rich lady so he can take her for all she's worth.
Another good scam idea would be hitting up his 16 million living relatives to ask for money.
In this pun on carbon dating, we see two carbon molecules on a date.
The most romantic way to determine the age of an object
We see the (ex) bride of Frankenstein with her new beau, Dracula, running into her ex, Frankenstein. Pretty awkward.
An important PSA as to why we should never name anyone “The Bride of _____.”