51 Music Pun Cartoons

"If music be the food of cartoons, play on!" -Shakespeare, if he had quit being a playwright and drew music pun cartoons instead

In this pun on the earth is flat, the earth plays the flute, while the flute teacher gives musical advice on sharpening the pitch, saying, "You're pitchy, try adjusting your embouchure!"
Don't let people gaslight you into thinking the earth has perfect pitch!
In this pun on skeleton key, we see a skeleton with a microphone in front of a piano, and he requests the player plays the song in the key of A minor - ah yes, the skeleton key.
Obviously he's about to sing a moving rendition of "Dem Bones."
In this play on the book/movie Gone with the Wind, we see "Gong with the Wind," a person standing at the ready to hit a gong once the breeze starts going. Yes, I do realize how asinine this is.
I would watch a 3 hour 42 minute movie about this.
In this comparison cartoon, we see an upright bass - just a person playing the instrument - next to an uptight bass, a bass chastising its bassist for gripping it so tight and not plucking with precision. Anyway, sentient instruments are a bad idea.
Instruments, explained.
In this play on therapy and singer Cher, we see Cher as a therapist asking her client, "Do you even believe in life after love?"
It should be noted that it may not be healthy to dwell on thoughts like "if I could turn back time..."
In this pun on the music genre prog rock, we see a progressive rock - a stone with politically progressive views about universal health care and universal basic income.
My favorite genre of music! (Listening to stones wax poetic about Bernie Sanders)
In a pun on banned books, we see BAND books, classic titles mashed up with bands: Little Arcade Fires Everywhere, Sword in the Rolling Stones, Portrait of a Barenaked Lady, Grateful Dead Gatsby, A Goo Goo Doll's House, Picture of Dorian Greenday
So glad state governments are finally promoting these!
In this pun on ingredient rock salt, we see rock salt, i.e. a salt shaker in a cool jacket with an electric guitar that clearly is a rock-n-roll star.
Generally more agreeable than Heavy Metal Salt
In this comparison cartoon, we see a fiddler crab (those crabs with one big claw) next to a violinist crab - a classy bow-tie-wearing crab holding a violin saying, "Well, when I was at Julliard..."
Crustaceans, explained
In this pun on gargoyle, we see a guitargoyle, which is, of course, a gargoyle playing guitar.
Of course, his favorite music genre to play is hard rock.