67 Food Pun Cartoons

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Looking at these cartoons are (mostly) guaranteed not to make your stomach hurt if you look at too many.

In this pun on Frankenstein's monster, we see Frankenstein's muenster, a semi-soft cheese that Dr. Frankenstein and Igor seem thrilled to have brought alive... with flavor.
Another triumph for the semi-soft sciences
In this pun on the food chicken-fried steak, we see what it is: steak fried by a chicken fry cook.
I prefer chicken-boiled pasta.
In this pun on pawn shop, we see a prawn shop, a pawn shop that only trades in shrimp.
The best place to buy pre-used scampi!
In this pun on egg drop soup, we see an egg who looks in disbelief at the floor over a bowl of fallen soup. Unfortunately, the egg has dropped the soup.
Honestly, the fact that an egg could ever hold a bowl of soup in the first place is impressive.
In this pun on stuffed animals, we see two animals (a bear and a bunny rabbit) at a restaurant table who are completely full. The waiter comes over offering dessert, but the bear declines-  they are absolutely... stuffed.
Not sure why children sleep with these (although I guess it’s notably safer than sleeping with hungry animals)
In this pun on the game hot potato, we see a hot (as in "attractive") potato, whatever that means. Personally, I find all potatoes attractive and would eat one at almost any time of any day.
Oh geez, sorry about this.
In this pun on the amazing healthcare facility, the Mayo Clinic, we see an operating room where surgeons are working on a sandwich. One says, "The bread is critically dry!" and another says, "Pass me the spread, stat!" while a third runs in with mayo.
Forget sandwich artists- it's all about sandwich surgeons!
In this comparison cartoon, we see Cheese, Great (i.e. Swiss cheese that just happens to be great!) versus a cheese grater. It is a play on great and its comparative form, greater.
Levels of cheese greatness, explained
In this pun on ingredient rock salt, we see rock salt, i.e. a salt shaker in a cool jacket with an electric guitar that clearly is a rock-n-roll star.
Generally more agreeable than Heavy Metal Salt
In this pun on Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper," we see "The Lost Supper," Jesus and his apostles sitting at the table with no food. It seems they ordered dinner online and the delivery info must have gotten lost, and everyone is hungry.
The spectrum of the emotions I experience when I’m hungry (sad, very sad, and angrily realizing I could’ve just ordered pizza hours ago and avoided this whole mess)