17 Therapy Pun Cartoons

My insurance only covers looking at these cartoons.

In this play on Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, we see a psychotherapist ask Janet Leigh, who is screaming in a shower, "And how does that make you feel?"
In therapy, it's important to meet the clients where they're at (in this case, screaming bloody murder in a shower).
In this play on therapy and singer Cher, we see Cher as a therapist asking her client, "Do you even believe in life after love?"
It should be noted that it may not be healthy to dwell on thoughts like "if I could turn back time..."
In this pun on art therapy (a therapeutic modality that involves expression through art), we see art therapy in the sense that a famous work of art (Munch's The Scream) is in therapy. The therapist says, "You can let it out here. This is a safe space."
My favorite therapeutic modality (screaming)
In this pun on remote therapy/ teletherapy, we see a therapist and her client, who is a remote control. She is saying, "It sounds like they really know how to push your buttons."
A portrait of the artist as a young channel changer
Two ink blots take a math test.
Unfortunately, your subconscious is not particularly helpful on math tests.
In this pun on psychiatrist, we see a psychia-tryst, a romantic tryst between two Freudian analysts. One says, "I love you, but I worry it's because you remind me of my mother." The other says, "Let's unpack that after we unpack our picnic!"
I assume each romantic rendezvous includes this exact conversation.
In this pun on psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, we see Pigmund Freud, a pig therapist with his pig patient on the couch. Pigmund says to his client, "You are in love with your sow."
Thank goodness, we have survived #pigsinscience week.
In this pun on role playing, we see roll playing - a little kid playing with dinner rolls.
A great way to gain insight into the problems facing buns or kaisers!
In this pun on nursery rhyme "Do you know the muffin man," we see the muffin man in therapy. His therapist asks him, "Do YOU know the muffin man?"
A realistic snapshot of my life
In this pun on therapeutic modality play therapy, we see a therapist with characters from Shakespeare play Hamlet. Hamlet and Yorick (a skull) are in couples therapy, while a therapist asks, "How well did you really know Yorick?)
Although if Hamlet had been in therapy, the play would have been much less exciting.