22 Math Pun Cartoons

The answer to the ever-present query from math students: "When will I use this concept in real life?" (When you're drawing math-themed cartoons)

 In this comparison cartoon, we see a protractor next to an amaeteur-tractor, which unlike a protractor, is not a pro, and has a lot of angle approximations. Not something you'd want during a math test.
Measuring implements, explained.
In this pun on the math and science term significant digits (sometimes significant figures), we see a person hugging three numbers, telling them they mean so much to her.
To determine if digit is significant, reflect back on how it has impacted your life. #sciencetips
In this pun on octopi, we see an octopus in the shape of the Greek letter/ famed math symbol, pi.
Octopi r squared… when they shove themselves in a cube shaped container.
In this pun on vicious circle, we see an angry anthropomorphic circle with  sharp teeth who looks ready to attack at any moment.
Happy Pi Day!
In this math pun on right angle, we see three Jeopardy contests (all angles - acute, right, obtuse). The host asks a question, and the right angle answers correctly. So, it is once again a right angle.
Randie's angling for the win!
The digits from the Fibonacci sequence play baseball in this math and sports mashup.
The only sports even that really adds up.
We see complementary angles (a 60 degree and a 30 degree one) next to some complimentary angels, praising each other's halos and wings.
Geometry, explained
One can - a can of soda -- next to "two cans," which are just a pair of toucans.
A counting tutorial
In this pun on Herman Melville's Moby Dick and a mobius strip, we see a mobius strip made up of the white whale connected to Captain Ahab's ship, The Pequod.
A non-orientable, seemingly infinite novel
A baby writes out a mathematical proof about the geometry of triangles.
Not sure why this is so important for expectant parents.