23 Dog Pun Cartoons

Some cheer if you're having a ruff day.

In this pun on parking spot, we see Spot, a dog, parking a dog next to a very complicated parking sign.
See Spot delicately navigate and possibly misinterpret the complicated LA parking signs. Park, Spot, park!
In this play on training a dog and asking it to shake, we see a man ready to shake a dog's hand, but the dog has its arms outstretched and says, "Actually, I'm more of a hugger."
An important scenario to be aware of it you're teaching your dog to shake
In this pun on german shepherds, we see a man who is also a shepherd from Germany in traditional shepherd attire who has accidentally made his way to a contest for dogs, best in breed for German Shepherds.
Happy #nationaldogday to all the shepherds who happen to be from Germany!
Two dogs give each other a fist bump.
For when "shake" is too formal
In this pun on Edgar Degas, we see his painting Green Dancer, but all the ballerinas are dogs.
They are probably warming up for a performance of "The Muttcracker."
A person stands before a barbell at the gym and says, "Sit... stay.. good boy!" This, of course, is how you train a dog, not how you train with weights to get swole.
Snapshot from my #fitnessjourney
In this comparison cartoon, we see a pure bred shih tzu next to pure bread - a.k.a. a loaf of bread
Public service announcement
In this pun on ID necklace the dog tag, we see dog tag, a group of mutts playing tag.
My favorite form of identification
In this pun on the processed meat delicacy the hot dog, we see a hot dog, which is just a winking poodle, who is presumably very hot (in an attractive way) (but only to other dogs).
Sorry for this.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a dog collar next to a dog caller (a dog on the phone).
Dog terminology, explained