23 Dog Pun Cartoons

Some cheer if you're having a ruff day.

In this pun on the golden retriever basketball movie Air Bud, we see Heir bud, which is a young pup prince and his king dog dad, who tell him, "This will all be yours someday."
Can’t wait to stream this on Disney Plus
In this pun on dog walker, we see a dog walking with the assistance of a walker mobility device.
Helping dogs help themselves
In this pun on the idiom let sleeping dogs lie, we see two dogs asleep in a bunk bed, spouting lies as they sleep. The dog on top says, "I definitely have a girlfriend, but she lives in Canada." The bottom dog says, "Yes, I absolutely ate your homework."
But all awake dogs must be held to a higher standard of honesty.
In this pun on the idiom "It's a dog eat dog world," we see a dog eating a 'dog (a hotdog, that is.)
Don’t worry, this hot dog doesn’t actually contain dog meat. Just horse meat (JK! It’s not from IKEA! #toosoon)
In this pun on Mary Queen of Scotts, we see Mary Queen of Scotties, who is just a British monarch surrounded by scottie dogs.
May she never be forced to abdicate this throne!
In this pun on the TV show The Dog Whisperer, we see a woman whispering to a dog, "Can you keep a secret?"
A much different, but no less enjoyable, tv show premise
In this comparison cartoon, we see a dog panting next to a dog wearing pants.
One is a sign of healthy canine functioning, the other is a waste of denim.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a thief conducting a jewel heist next to a thief conducting a drool heist, where he harvests dog drool from a panting poodle.
Both dangerous endeavors
In this comparison cartoon, we see three boxers, a dog boxer, a boxer athlete person, and boxer underwear.
I would only get in a ring with one of these.
Some people walking their dog tell another passer-by, "We're not sure, but we think he's at least part terrier." The dog is actually a mutant monster.
But really, who rescued who?