14 Christmas Pun Cartoons

These cartoons will get you in the holiday spirit!

The three less-wise men, in contrast with the three wise men who brought baby Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh, describe their thought processes - one refuses to ask the stars for directions, one wears uncomfortable shoes, one brings a bowling ball.
Merry Christmas to everyone, regardless of the level of wisdom you possess!
In this pun on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge meets the ghost of Christmas Present, which is just the ghost of a Christmas present.
Christmas is over, so it's the perfect time for a Christmas cartoon!
Santa tells Rudolph that he is being replaced by a high-power flashlight.
Rudolph was happy that, for the first time in his life, he would actually have Christmas Eve off.
A professor points to a diagrammed sentence, which features a grammatical clause about Santa.
All I want for Christmas is to find some use for all the grammar facts taking up precious real estate in my brain.
A trio of angels, all named Harold, kvetch.
This is what I imagine all Harolds have on their minds (before and after death).
This pun on the Christmas ballet The Nutcracker, we have a cracker screaming about conspiracy theories he believes.
Would I watch this ballet? Probably.
Rudolph plays in a reindeer game. Unfortunately, it is incredibly boring.
He was relieved that at least they weren't playing Uno.
Some (first) impeachment of Trump themed holiday cards.
Actually these were just some of my rejected holiday card ideas.
In this pun on mentorship, we see ornamentorship, which is when Christmas tree ornaments mentor each other.
It’s sort of chilly so I guess it’s appropriate to start thinking about Christmas.
In this pun on the play turned film Frost/Nixon, we see Frosty/Nixon, which is Frosty the Snowman interviewing former president Richard Nixon.
May all serious dramas be adapted into Christmas movies!