14 Christmas Pun Cartoons

These cartoons will get you in the holiday spirit!

In this pun on the abominable snowman, we see the abdominable snowman, which is just a yeti/big foot with a rockin' six pack of abs.
One of the more unbelievable urban legends
An elf sits at a job interview, and the interviewer says, "Tell me more about your last job sitting on a shelf and surveilling a 4-year-old."
Even elves on shelves get tired of seasonal work.
A beauty pageant contestant accidentally winds up in a children's Christmas pageant.
But really, isn’t everyone a winner when you get to see kids dressed up as sheep?
'Twas nowhere near the night before Christmas, so all the mice are sitting at their mixing bowls and stirring.
It finally feels like spring, so obviously the only thing I can think of is Christmas.