21 Mythology Pun Cartoons

Ur not gonna Hades cartoons! (like "hate these"... get it?)

In this pun on Achilles heel, we see the hero from Homer's The Iliad, but he is wearing red high heels, and he looks good.
The moral of the story is don't go into battle with pumps.
In this cephalopod punny version of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey, we see the Cycloptopus (the cyclops as an octopus) holding Nautilodysseus (Odysseus as a nautilus) in his cave and asking his identity. Nautilodysseus responds, "Nobody."
The most epic story ever inked
In this pun on cryptocurrency, we see different coins mixed with different cryptids: Big Coin (Bitcoin + Big Foot), Loch Nesstherium (Etherium + Loch Ness Monster), Monstero (Monero + Moth Man Monster), and Chupacardano (Cardano + Chupacabra).
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Unlike the tale told in Greek mythology, this Jason, aboard his ship the Argos, feels some raindrops, and laments wearing his golden fleece jacket instead of a waterproof coat.
Being ill-prepared for inclement weather is the real Greek tragedy.
In this pun on Passover Seder, we see a satyr offering people matzah ball soup.
Next year in Ancient Greece
In this pun on pantheon, we see the gods and goddesses of various types of pans - the god of nonstick, the god of cast iron, and the goddess of woks.
I sing of arms and a pan!
In this pun on Shakespeare's famous line from Julius Caesar (Et tu, Brute?), we see Caesar and Brutus at a vending machine, where Brutus betrays the diet he and Caesar agreed to by pushing A2 (an unhealthy snack).
Beware the pies of March!
Icarus, from Greek Mythology, celebrate fall with typical autumn festivities (throwing leaves, apple picking, pumpkin carving) as his father Daedelus looks in horror.
It's harder to fly too close to the sun when the sun sets at 4pm.
Pandora, of Greek mythology, reveals a great evil - the odor of smelly socks!
Sometimes, the greatest evils are olfactory.
In this pun on Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, one t-rex says holds a bouquet of flowers and says to his dinosaur mother, "I love you, mom!" This can't end well.
Who says love is dead?