22 Mythology Pun Cartoons

Ur not gonna Hades cartoons! (like "hate these"... get it?)

In this pun on Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, one t-rex says holds a bouquet of flowers and says to his dinosaur mother, "I love you, mom!" This can't end well.
Who says love is dead?
In this play on mythology tale Theseus and the Minotaur, we see thesaurus and the minotaur (the half man/half bull reads a boring tome of synonyms.)
Less thrilling tales from Greek mythology
In this comparison cartoon, we see the Zombie Apocalypse (zombies chasing after a human, presumably for the brains) next to the Zombie Acropolis (zombies in ancient Greek garb at the Athens market)
Trying to learn lessons from the past to better prepare for the future
In this pun on classic bad guy weapon, The Freeze Ray, we see the frieze ray, a weapon that creates beautiful sculpted decoration.
The most dangerous of all comic book bad guy weapons!
In this pun on center of the universe, we see two women rolling their eyes as they approach a guy who clearly is very full of himself. The guy is, of course, actually a centaur. One woman says to the other, "He think's he's the centaur of the universe!"
Narcissism isn’t just a myth! (Although I guess one could argue the exact opposite. #narcissus)
In this pun on the beginning of Iliad, we see Homer approaching a moose with a guitar. Homer corrects the moose - "No, I said sing oh MUSE." The moose looks despondent.
I’m sure a moose would do a fine job singing about the rage of Achilles if given the chance.
In this pun on the opening of Vergil's Aeneid (I sing of arms and a man), we see a keyboard player singing a song about arms and a man: "I love appendages with biceps and funny bones and trice[ps/And hey what's the deal with that guy Ron?"
What a strange way to start the Aeneid. (Also I drew this before I met anyone named Ron whose deal I wondered about, so don’t take it personally if you are a Ron seeing this.)
A tourist judges Paris, saying "It's okay, I guess. I thought the Mona Lisa would be bigger. I'll just go to London next time."
How the Trojan War began
In this pun on Theseus and the Minotaur, we see Greek soldier Theseus stand before a quite benign Minnowtaur, which is a monster that is mostly a small minnow.
I’d be fine getting lost in this maze.
In this pun on Socrates and Plato, we see a toga-clad Socrates plays with playdough.
“Someday,” thought Socrates, as he molded a pinch pot he would proudly display to his mom before mushing it into the carpet, causing her to spend 3 hours cleaning it up, “our partnership will be part of history books.”