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In this pun on how gravity works, we see three astronauts on the International Space Station. Two float around, and one clearly thinks gravity works differently (her. hair is down, she wears a fringe vest, and yo-yos). The floating one says to her, "I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation.)
This probably happens on the International Space Station all the time.
In this mashup pun on mailman and mandrill (the baboon with the greatest colorful bum), we see a mailmandrill - a mandrill who of course is employed by the postal service as a mailman.
Sometimes I wish the postal service would stop monkeying around.
In this pun on bay leaf , we see two leaves talking (one maple leaf with NYC gear, one bay leaf with SF/tech gear). The one with SF gear expresses that while he loves NYC, he is, ultimately, a Bay leaf.
A bay leaf is just a leaf that loves tech, right?
In this pun on the phrase sage advice, we see a plant of the herb sage giving us advice: Try cooking me in browned butter and adding me to pumpkin ravioli!
I get most of my advice from herbs.
In this pun on fishtank, we see a fish in a tank - i.e. a fish wearing a tank top (he's also wearing sunglasses, but that's besides the point.)
Most fish do not prefer to be in tanks. They'd rather be in turtlenecks.
In this pun on pawn shop, we see a prawn shop, a pawn shop that only trades in shrimp.
The best place to buy pre-used scampi!
In this comparison pun cartoon, we see an xacto knife next to an Inxacto Knife, a knife who only spews non-precise and inexact information (it says: There are 5000-ish feet in a mile! Presidents' Day is in mid-late February! I live a handful of blocks away!)
Knives, explained
In this pun on hunter-gatherers, we see a gatherer who has gathered hunters.
Hunter-gatherers are people who gather hunters, right?
In this pun on evil spirits, instead of seeing sinister ghosts, we see three evil bottles of liquor. One say suggests robbing a bank and slapping everyone, another suggests standing someone up at prom, and the third, potentially most evil, suggests giving everyone a bad haircut.
Only the darkest of magic could conjure up a tequila that is sinister enough to give you a bad haircut.
In this pun on eye test, we see someone looking at pictures of different body parts. They are asked to identify which are eyes.
I would probably fail this version of the eye test too. (In other news, it seems like I only draw optometrist-centric cartoons now!)