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In this comparison cartoon, we see a safety pin, next to a "danger" pin. A danger pin is, of course, a pin with a mohawk and a skull and crossbones bandana who says, "Let's ride our bikes without helmets and juggle some chainsaws!"
Pins, explained.
In this pun on the phrase "shallow grave," we see a grave stone that reads "RIP your sense of style" batting her heavily made-up eyelashes saying, "Did you see the newest episode of the Kardashians? Kim's makeup was cray. She could use some tips from me."
There's nothing sppokier than a grave stone criticizing your fashion sense.
In this pun on shooting stars, we see two stars (from the sky) shooting a movie.
Don't worry, they're shooting for a non-struck production! None of my cartoons cross the picket line.
In this pun on "Back in the Saddle," we see someone riding a horse with their back in the saddle. Obviously, this is not the safest way to do this, but she doesn't know any better.
Finally, a sport you can do lying down!
In this pun on guardian angel, we see an angel holding a newspaper meeting a mortal human. The angel says, "I wouldn't say I'm a Guardian angel, I'm more of a New York Times angel." And can you blame him?
Why protect and guide mortals when you could be playing the NYT Crosswords for eternity?!
In this pun on fencing teams, we see the team from St. Sebastian's Academy, complete with fencing outfits and epees, meet the team they're matched up against: The team from Lombardi's fencing, who are wearing construction equipment and, of course, building a fence.
Who are we kidding? Lombardi’s Fencing has this match in the bag.
In this pun on the idiom "Raising the stakes," we see a grownup with her two young wooden stakes, promising to support and nurture them as they get older. She will raise them well.
There's nothing more rewarding than seeing your stakes grow up to be independent and successful planks of wood.
In this club on night club bouncer, we see a person bouncing on one of those awesome bouncy balls with a handle at a night club. The other club goers look at her confused (they are probably just jealous).
No, I have never been to a night club. Why do you ask?
In this pun on two-toed sloth, we see the two TOAD sloth, a happy sloth holding two toads.
Not to be confused with the Two-Frog Sloth
In this pun on egg drop soup, we see an egg who looks in disbelief at the floor over a bowl of fallen soup. Unfortunately, the egg has dropped the soup.
Honestly, the fact that an egg could ever hold a bowl of soup in the first place is impressive.