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In this comparison cartoon, we see a Howler Monkey next to a Howl Monkey (which is obviously a monkey with Allen Ginsburg's hair reading a copy of famous beat poem Howl). I would not want to be near either of these animals.
Monkeys, explained
In this pun on the concept (and also Ashton Kutcher movie) the Butterfly Effect, we see the butterfly affect: a butterfly talks to a beetle and the butterfly is acting very pretentiously quoting Nietzsche and the beetle responds: why are you talking like that?
I would watch Ashton Kutcher star in a movie about this.
In this pun on the Greek myth Cupid and Psyche, we see Cupid and Psych, an incident in which Cupid shoots a guy with his arrow, and then says PSYCH! That was a real arrow, now a love one! I got you!
One of my favorite myths
In this pun on skeleton key, we see a skeleton with a microphone in front of a piano, and he requests the player plays the song in the key of A minor - ah yes, the skeleton key.
Obviously he's about to sing a moving rendition of "Dem Bones."
In this pun on rattle snakes, we see rattled snakes - two snakes so nervous that they are scared by any noise, jumping to the conclusion that it must be an intruder or ghost and they must flee. This is very relatable.
Inspired by: any time I've ever heard a noise
In this pun on baby talk, we see a baby giving a ted talk about the impact of a blanky on motivation, productivity, and tummy time.
It's good to have a space for fresh young voices.
In this pun on cartographer, we see a cartographer who is what this title should naturally describe: an expert on carts. He stands in front of a powerpoint on various types of carts and explains the historical context.
My greatest regret is not getting a master's degree in carts.
In this pun on the pool cue ball, we see a ball acting as a stage manager for an 8 ball (dressed in shakespearean attire). The cue ball says, "You're on in 3... 2... 1..)
The moral of the story is I'd enjoy pool more if the balls were just putting on theatrical performances.
In this pun on Edgar Allan Poe and podiatrists, we see poe as a podiatrist, checking out a patient's food. He gives his prognosis: Tis a bunion. Only this, and nothing more.
"We take all kinds of insurance, this is our office assurance/ This visit, it will be covered, whether feet are broke or sore."/ Slowly I retrieved my card and stared out to the door ajarred/ A raven came and for my card to run he kindly did implore/ Soon he returned, a saddened look that differed from when he implored/ Quoth the Raven, "We don't accept Oxford."
In this pun on the baseball training season, we see what I wish spring training was: a person training the spring flowers (daffodils, tulips, crocuses) to grow and stay out!
I assume this is what the Yankees do this time of year.