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In this pun on Edgar Allan Poe and podiatrists, we see poe as a podiatrist, checking out a patient's food. He gives his prognosis: Tis a bunion. Only this, and nothing more.
"We take all kinds of insurance, this is our office assurance/ This visit, it will be covered, whether feet are broke or sore."/ Slowly I retrieved my card and stared out to the door ajarred/ A raven came and for my card to run he kindly did implore/ Soon he returned, a saddened look that differed from when he implored/ Quoth the Raven, "We don't accept Oxford."
In this pun on the baseball training season, we see what I wish spring training was: a person training the spring flowers (daffodils, tulips, crocuses) to grow and stay out!
I assume this is what the Yankees do this time of year.
In this pun on the delicious food, instead of seeing literal chicken soups, we see "chicken stews," i.e. a chicken stewing in its own thoughts.
Ah, the rich flavor of rumination!
In this comparison pun cartoon, we see a sunset vs. a sun game, set, match (which is a sun who has just won a tennis trophy)
Solar activity, explained
In this pun on the food chicken-fried steak, we see what it is: steak fried by a chicken fry cook.
I prefer chicken-boiled pasta.
In this pun on hot air balloons being filled with hot air, we see a hot air ballon spewing  unsubstantiated statements (claiming he's pals with Elon and can get you a free Tesla) to his regular-temperatured air balloon compatriots.
Some light balloon humor
In this pun on being swept off one's feet, we see a person who has fallen, clearly grounded because an errant broom sweep by a foolish janitor has left them grounded. Is it love? Or is it just poorly performed janitorial arts?
Love in the Time of Poorly-Performed Janitorial Arts
In this pun on chairman at a company, we see two business associates meet Carl, who is seated in the yoga chair position, whose job title, of course is "chair man."
I just started working a 9-5, so now I have a very accurate understanding of the corporate world.
In this pun on how gravity works, we see three astronauts on the International Space Station. Two float around, and one clearly thinks gravity works differently (her. hair is down, she wears a fringe vest, and yo-yos). The floating one says to her, "I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation.)
This probably happens on the International Space Station all the time.
In this mashup pun on mailman and mandrill (the baboon with the greatest colorful bum), we see a mailmandrill - a mandrill who of course is employed by the postal service as a mailman.
Sometimes I wish the postal service would stop monkeying around.