38 Religion Pun Cartoons

Your prayers have been answered! (If they were for cartoons)

In this pun on Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper," we see "The Lost Supper," Jesus and his apostles sitting at the table with no food. It seems they ordered dinner online and the delivery info must have gotten lost, and everyone is hungry.
The spectrum of the emotions I experience when I’m hungry (sad, very sad, and angrily realizing I could’ve just ordered pizza hours ago and avoided this whole mess)
In this pun on the biblical idea of the number of the beast, we see a beast with a deli number (32) at a deli counter. The deli guy calls 32 - the number of the beast.
I haven't read Revelations, but I assume it's about waiting to be called to the deli counter.
In this pun on Passover biblical story of Moses splitting the Red Sea, we see Moses splitting a check for a dinner at a restaurant. You know, the kind where one person doesn't drink wine, one person orders dessert, everyone feels like they are overpaying.
If we could have just Venmoed each other rough approximations of how much we thought we owed after dinner, it would have been enough.
In this play on Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper, Jesus and some of his disciples eat the last breakfast, which, despite it being Passover, appears to be bagels and schmear.
Hoping this will be the subject of the next DaVinci Code sequel.
In this pun on papal bull, a bull is dressed as the pope.
Holy cow!
A cardinal says to a blue jay, "Dang, I am envious of your blue feathers," and therefore enacting the sin of jealousy.
Major blunders of the animal kingdom
In this pun on Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, we see a multitude of fruits demonstrating the seven deadly sins - strawberries of pride, apples of envy, watermelon of gluttony, blueberries of greed, banana of sloth, pears of lust.
If only Steinbeck were alive to write about the other sins of the produce aisle...
A newt priest reads from the pulpit of his amphibian church: "And the Lord created geckos, and He was like "Close." And He created frogs, and He thought 'This is interesting, but still I am not satisfied.' And Lo the Lord created newt, and it was good."
And Lo, the kingdom of Animalia begat the phylum Chordata, which begat class Amphibia. And Amphibia began order Urodela, which begat family Salamandridae, which begat subfamily Pleurodenlinae.
A church and the state of Texas sit on the couch across from their daughter and tell her, It's just a trial. Mommy and daddy still love you very much.
Who are we kidding? We know they'll get back together.
A robot celebrates her bat mitzvah in the Jewish coming of age ceremony where girl bots become womandroids. L'Chaim!
When a girl becomes a womandroid