38 Religion Pun Cartoons

Your prayers have been answered! (If they were for cartoons)

In this pun on the story from Genesis of Adam giving one of his ribs to make Eve, we see Adam and Eve at a bar-b-q restaurant and Adam offers Eve one of his pork ribs to eat.
On a biblical kick, so it seems
In this pun on Noah's ark, we see Noah's arcade, an arcade with two of every video game (2 Donkey Kongs, 2 Mortal Kombats, 2 Pac-mans, presumably 2 non-functional Dance Dance Revolutions).
You are only allowed out of the arcade when a dove arrives with an olive branch.
In this pun of alter ego, we see a conversation between a couple, where one reveals that this whole time, he has had a second life, an altar ego, as a preacher.
Dedicated to everyone out there who learned, after months of dating, that their love interest had a secret life as a clergy member.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a Bar Mitzvah boy talking about studying 3 sentences of the Torah over a few years, next to a Bill Barr Mitzvah, which is Bill Barr saying he scanned the Torah and found no evidence of conspiring with Russia in it.
Sending thoughts and prayers to anyone bracing themselves for spirited discussions about politics or religion this upcoming holiday season.
In this cartoon, we see biblical character Jonas inside a whale. Unfortunately, it is the same whale that Pinocchio, the singing wooden puppet is inside of.
Keeping the "God" in "Oh God, why is she drawing these?"
In this pun on Sunday School, we see sundae school, where good little cones and cups presumably learn about the history of ice cream.
School is cool, especially when it is held in a freezer so the pupils don’t melt.
In this pun on the phrase "None of my business," we see the nun of my business, which is a nun who works at a store I would have if I had a business.
Yes, this is what my business would be.
In this celebration of bagels, we see a bagel depicted ala Mary of Guadalupe, shining bright while being held up by a cherub.
The holiest and the hole-iest of foods
In this pun on the classic joke - why did the chicken cross the road, we see a chicken priest doing the sign of the cross on a kneeling section of road.
Celebrating chicken puns on the lord’s day #🐓
In this pun on the exclamation HOLY COW!, we see a holy cow, which is a cow who is a saint.
For the glory of all things divine and bovine