37 Religion Pun Cartoons

Your prayers have been answered! (If they were for cartoons)

A cadbury egg claps as it watches an Easter performance by a bunch of peeps marshmallows.
In this pun on Passover Seder, we see a satyr offering people matzah ball soup.
Next year in Ancient Greece
In this pun on bird sanctuary, a bunch of birds (an ostrich, a heron, a duck, an eagle, a starling, and a chickadee) sit in church pews and listen to a pigeon preacher.
A chunk of land with the the Garden of Eden on it looks at a map. This must be what Milton's Paradise Lost is about.
Not a metaphor! #jk
In this pun on the claim that bots are influencing elections, we see 4 bots that are not robots: bottle caps, botany, Botticelli, and Bat Mitzvahs.
An ominous and spooky one in honor of everyone's favorite upcoming scary holiday, Election Day. #ridinwithbiden
In this pun on hippo and pope, we see the Hippope (not surprisingly, this is a hippo who is dressed as the pope).
In this pun on Olive Garden and the Garden of Eden, we see the Olive Garden of Eden: Adam and Eve at an Olive Garden. Eve says, "Unlimited breadsticks? This really IS paradise!"
Unfortunately, I think Olive Garden has a “No shirt, no shoes, no service” policy so this could never happen.
In this pun on St. George slaying the dragon, we see St. George telling a joke (What did the buffalo say when his son left for college? Bison!) to a dragon, who laughs hard and says, "Oh George, you slay me!"
St. George: Patron saint of England, archers, saddle makers, sheep, and popsicle stick jokes
In this play on Noah's ark, we see Noah's other boats: Noah's sailboat, Noah's yacht, Noah's kayak - all with animals aboard enjoying themselves to varying degrees.
A celebration of Noah’s lesser-known sea-worthy vessels!
In this pun on the story from Genesis of Adam giving one of his ribs to make Eve, we see Adam and Eve at a bar-b-q restaurant and Adam offers Eve one of his pork ribs to eat.
On a biblical kick, so it seems