38 Religion Pun Cartoons

Your prayers have been answered! (If they were for cartoons)

The Easter Island statues stand, but have Easter bunny ears and carry easter baskets.
Some years, Easter falls on a warm day. Some years, it falls on a Chile day.
A cadbury egg claps as it watches an Easter performance by a bunch of peeps marshmallows.
In this pun on Passover Seder, we see a satyr offering people matzah ball soup.
Next year in Ancient Greece
In this pun on bird sanctuary, a bunch of birds (an ostrich, a heron, a duck, an eagle, a starling, and a chickadee) sit in church pews and listen to a pigeon preacher.
A chunk of land with the the Garden of Eden on it looks at a map. This must be what Milton's Paradise Lost is about.
Not a metaphor! #jk
In this pun on the claim that bots are influencing elections, we see 4 bots that are not robots: bottle caps, botany, Botticelli, and Bat Mitzvahs.
An ominous and spooky one in honor of everyone's favorite upcoming scary holiday, Election Day. #ridinwithbiden
In this pun on hippo and pope, we see the Hippope (not surprisingly, this is a hippo who is dressed as the pope).
In this pun on Olive Garden and the Garden of Eden, we see the Olive Garden of Eden: Adam and Eve at an Olive Garden. Eve says, "Unlimited breadsticks? This really IS paradise!"
Unfortunately, I think Olive Garden has a “No shirt, no shoes, no service” policy so this could never happen.
In this pun on St. George slaying the dragon, we see St. George telling a joke (What did the buffalo say when his son left for college? Bison!) to a dragon, who laughs hard and says, "Oh George, you slay me!"
St. George: Patron saint of England, archers, saddle makers, sheep, and popsicle stick jokes
In this play on Noah's ark, we see Noah's other boats: Noah's sailboat, Noah's yacht, Noah's kayak - all with animals aboard enjoying themselves to varying degrees.
A celebration of Noah’s lesser-known sea-worthy vessels!