37 Religion Pun Cartoons

Your prayers have been answered! (If they were for cartoons)

In this pun on being fruitful and multiplying, we see someone who is eating fruit and doing multiplication problems.
And as it is such, so also as such is it unto you
In this pun on the seven deadly sins, we see the seven deadly shins, seven weapon wielding shins that are pretty tough.
Almost as scary as gluttony or sloth
In this pun on the ten plagues of Passover, we see the modern day 10 plagues: root canals, required reading, bedbugs, wild beasts (rats) in your apartment, seeing sad dog commercials, pimples, snow, filing taxes, eye dilation, death of phone battery
Gearing up for Passover, unable to let go of the horrors of filing taxes/being forced to read Tess of the d’Urbervilles
In this play on the fact that Kosher dietary laws forbid eating pork or lobster, we see a pig and a lobster writing kosher laws.
In this pun on the tips that the NSA is seeking, we see a mohel giving giving an NSA agent a brown bag containing a tip (mohels are people who perform the Jewish bris right of circumcision). Oy!
Anonymous tips are not always helpful.
In this pun on Stephen Kind's book Pet Semetary,  we see the pet seminary, which is, as you could guess, a seminary for pets.
The scariest part of this movie would be the scene where the cat has a vet appointment during midterm week.
In this pun of my cup runneth over, we see a person with arms outstretched as her cup runs over.
Clearly my cup hath been working out.