35 Sporty Pun Cartoons

Cartoons that are almost as fun as minor league baseball gimmicks!

In this pun on basketball tournament March Madness, we see Marx Madness, which is just Groucho Marx playing Karl Marx in basketball.
Not sure why ESPN isn't airing this
In this comparison pun cartoon, we see a sunset vs. a sun game, set, match (which is a sun who has just won a tennis trophy)
Solar activity, explained
In this pun on fencing teams, we see the team from St. Sebastian's Academy, complete with fencing outfits and epees, meet the team they're matched up against: The team from Lombardi's fencing, who are wearing construction equipment and, of course, building a fence.
Who are we kidding? Lombardi’s Fencing has this match in the bag.
In this pun on Dodge Ram (the truck), we see it interpreted as a more aggressive version of dodge ball - but instead of balls, the kids are throwing rams at each other. Of course, it is chaotic, much like the premise of this cartoon.
Just when you thought Dodge Ball couldn't get more aggressive
In this pun on the art deco skyscraper, New York City's Empire State Building, we see the Umpire State Building, a building that is also a baseball umpire. It shouts, "Yerrrrr.... out!"
I may or may not have thought this was the actual name of this building for shockingly too long.
In this comparison cartoon, we see two tennis pros next to the opposite of prose, which is: poetry. We see a tennis poet reading her tennis poetry.
For everyone watching the Australian Open Mic Poetry Slam
In this pun on a sports bar, we see a sporks bar - a bar with two sporks as patrons discussing whether they are team fork or team spoon.
I am shocked to learn that I have more to say about sports than about sporks (though, admittedly, not much more.)
In this pun on picking your nose, we see two kid team captains picking teams for a PE basketball game. The kid whose choice it is at the moment looks between the two remaining choices - a kid and a giant anthropomorphic nose - and picks her nose.
You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.
In this pun on baseball bat, we see a bat (the nocturnal animal) playing baseball.
This is all my sports knowledge.
In this pun on the sports term a benchwarmer, we see a person warming up a bench (rubbing it, covering it with blankets and a scarf.)
The weather is changing, so make sure your benches stay comfortable.