28 Science Pun Cartoons

These cartoons are like going to a science fair, but with less three-sided boards.

In this pun on chemical reactions, a scientist pours baking soda into a beaker of baking soda. Instead of a light fizzle, it explodes with a KABOOM. This is definitely an overreaction.
You're either part of the problem or part of the (chemical) solution.
In this pun on the math and science term significant digits (sometimes significant figures), we see a person hugging three numbers, telling them they mean so much to her.
To determine if digit is significant, reflect back on how it has impacted your life. #sciencetips
In this play on the Salem Witch Trials, we see the Salem Witch clinical trials- two witch scientists celebrating the end of the study in which some participants got placebos, and some got real potions. They address the participants - a man and two frogs.
Yes, all curses have to be FDA approved these days.
In this pun on scientific piece of equipment, the graduated cylinder, we see a happy cylinder with a graduation cap and diploma, presumably having completed high school or college!
Congrats to all the graduated cylinders, rectangular prisms, and cones out there!
In this pun on the missing link and Abraham Lincoln, we see 5 stages of evolution, with monkey in a top hat, to homo erectus in a top hat, to President Lincoln in a top hat, but we are missing phase 4.
Hopeful all the archaeologists in Gettsyburg can find this.
In this pun on semiconductor, we see a symphony conductor standing in front of the orchestra saying he's only going to wave his baton every once in a while - he's only semi a conductor.
Why groan at this when you can ALLEGROan?
In this play off of a man recently receiving a heart transplant from a pig, we see a pig holding a man's hand, giving him his heart, by saying, "Science may have changed my brain, but YOU opened my mind."
Researchers hope the breakthrough may lead to life-long love.
A crash test dummy next to a person acing a test on the physics of inelastic collisions.
A crash course in. crash courses
In this pun of the Knights of the Round Table, we see Sir Iron, with magnets stuck to his armor; Sir Potassium, donning the emblem of the potassium-rich banana; Sir Neon, who glows bright with neon light; and Sir Helium, who holds balloons.
Only some of these knights are noble.
Three blood cells try to use peer pressure on a fellow blood cell. The leader leads by saying, "C'mon! Coagulate! Everybody's doing it!"
I don’t do it anymore, but back in high school, I coagulated, like, all the time.