28 Science Pun Cartoons

These cartoons are like going to a science fair, but with less three-sided boards.

In this pun on rocket science, we see three Rockettes, can-can dancing in lab coats while holding beakers.
They get a kick out of science!
In this pun on Flat Earthers, we see a convention of people (probably dopes) watching a presentation on why the earth is fat.
It's scientifically true!!1! #science
A human scientist talks to a rocket, who is also a scientist. The rocket, however, is not a rocket scientist, but a botanist.
Never assume that any rockets you meet who may be scientists are, in fact, studying the science of rockets.
Two hippos stand on a college campus - a hippocampus-- at Hippo University. One shares a recent memory, the other, a more distant memory.
Shockingly, I am not a neuroscientist.
In this pun on psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, we see Pigmund Freud, a pig therapist with his pig patient on the couch. Pigmund says to his client, "You are in love with your sow."
Thank goodness, we have survived #pigsinscience week.
In this pun on scientific method developer Francis Bacon, we see Francis Bacon (emphasis on bacon) as a pig.
Developed the scientific method, presumably in between rolling around in the mud and foraging for truffles #pigsinscience
In this pun on physicist Stephen Hawking, we see Stephen Hogking, a pig version of the famous scientist, presenting on his book: "A Brief History of Swine: From the Pig Bang to Watering Holes."
This one had me lamenting the fact that I hadn’t committed to “Birds of Prey in Science.” #pigsinscience
In this pun on Albert Einstein, we see Albert Swinestein, which is a pig version of the famous scientist.
#pigsinscience week continues!
In this pun on Danish physicist Niels Bohr, we see Niels Boar, a scientist who also happens to be a wild pig.
For whatever reason, this week, I am presenting a series about pig scientists. I apologize in advance. #pigsinscience
In this scientific pun, we see two scientists in lab coats sitting next to each other working on equations. One says to the other - "This isn't chemistry between us, it's physics." (Presumably after one made a move on the other)