28 Science Pun Cartoons

These cartoons are like going to a science fair, but with less three-sided boards.

In this pun on computer science, the major that actually gives people skills to be software engineers and make a stable living, we see a computer with goggles surrounded by test tubes, graduated cylinders, and petri dishes, "doing" science.
Needless to say, I was an English major.
In this pun on stool samples, we see a sampling of bar stools.
I apologize for this.
In this play on Galapagos Islands being the location where Darwin observed evolution, we see some ghosts who have evolved in different spooky ways on Galapaghost Island.
A new study brought to you by Ghost Darwin
In this pun on cell phone, we see a biological cell making a phone call on a land line telephone.
Shockingly, cells prefer landlines.
In this pun on the gene pool. we see some strands of DNA hanging out and swimming in an above-ground pool.
A pool one should definitely not pee in (note: I feel all pools should remain urine-free)
In this pun on Frankenstein's monster, we see Frankenstein's muenster, a semi-soft cheese that Dr. Frankenstein and Igor seem thrilled to have brought alive... with flavor.
Another triumph for the semi-soft sciences
In this pun on carbon dating, we see two carbon molecules on a date.
The most romantic way to determine the age of an object
We see some blood cells sitting on stacks of classic books reading War and Peace and Love in the Time of Cholera, respectively. They sure are well-read.
Not sure why the American Girl Doll catalogue isn’t on more lists of must-read literature