27 Health and Medical Pun Cartoons

Your health insurance will probably cover looking at these.

In this pun on the painful experience of throwing your back out, a woman with a chunk of back missing throws the missing chunk into the garbage can.
I know, I know, I should have recycled it.
In this pun on a bad optometrist, we see an eye doctor asking a patient to read the board in front of her. "Can you see any 5-star reviews?" he asks. "No," she says. He's a floptometrist.
Wishing everyone good optometrist luck in 2024! (Or thrillingly fulfilling post-2023 optometrist revenge if that's what you need in your life right now!)
In this pun on rubber chicken, we see a chicken masseuse massaging a chicken client. The massager says, "Well I prefer to be call a massage therapist. But I guess technically I am a..." -- rubber chicken.
Nothing like a good dry rub to make a chicken better!
In this pun on the amazing healthcare facility, the Mayo Clinic, we see an operating room where surgeons are working on a sandwich. One says, "The bread is critically dry!" and another says, "Pass me the spread, stat!" while a third runs in with mayo.
Forget sandwich artists- it's all about sandwich surgeons!
In this pun on surgeon and the fish sturgeon, we see a fish patient in the operating room. The doctor, who is a sturgeon, says to the fish patient, "I will be performing your sturgery."
Coincidentally, this is the only medical care my insurance covers.
Six phases of my health journey - from order a bagel and cream cheese, to whole wheat bagels and light cream cheese, to scooped bagels, to just smelling bagels, to ordering two bagels.
Snapshots from my #healthjourney
In this pun on George Orwell's dystopian novel Animal Farm, we see several animals line up at a pharmacy while the cat pharmacist tells them, "I'm sorry, your insurance doesn't cover that."
A frightening dystopian tale
An anthropomorphic window says "Ooh! Ow! Oy!" as its ache acts up in this pun on window pane.
It's a real pane in the glass.
In this pun on the Cobra health insurance you get after you leave a job, we see an HR rep telling a former employee, "It's a common misconception that signing up for Cobra is a safe option," because Cobra is, in fact, a poisonous snake.
To be fair, a snake would probably be more helpful than some of the health insurance providers I have had in the past.
In this comparison cartoon, we see "Swine Flies" (a pig flying) next to "Swine Flu" (a sick person on a couch)
An exploration of conjugations