27 Health and Medical Pun Cartoons

Your health insurance will probably cover looking at these.

A house is on the phone and tells a friend that it has shingles.
Important PSA: it’s not just older adults who get shingles.
In this comparison cartoon, we see Jurassic Park, where a scary dinosaur attacks a person, next to thoracic park, where scary back pain attacks a person.
Both equally scary in different ways
In this comparison cartoon, we see a doctor revealing a patient's personal health information - a clear HIPAA violation - next to an officer giving a hippo a citation for not being a service animal - a clear Hippo violation.
Laws and Violations, Explained
We see a child at the pediatrician, which can be scary in and of itself. However, this pediatrician also happens to be a centipede.
Pun based nightmares (both groan AND scream eliciting!)
We see a doctor tell a seated many "Here is a diagram that shows your intestinal activity is abnormal." But she is just pointing to a grammatical diagram of the sentence.
This is the only kind of doctor my health insurance covers.
We see a doctor giving her patient a second opinion. The patient is a skeleton whose first doctor told it that it had a muscle problem, which probably wasn't true since skeletons don't have muscles.
Which begs the question, how many doctors are willing to see and diagnose talking skeletons?
In this pun on classic video game and historic Oregon Trail, we see a woman in a covered wagon traveling the organ trail, which is just a gross trail of organs.
Yes, you will probably die of cholera on this trail too.