27 Health and Medical Pun Cartoons

Your health insurance will probably cover looking at these.

In this comparison cartoon, we see sky scrapers next to sky neosporin (presumably to clean up all the sky boo-boos that the scrapers scrape.)
Not sure why the NYTimes isn’t covering the breaking news that, with the increase in skyscrapers, there’s been an unprecedented number of sky boo-boos.
In this comparison cartoon, we see someone being mindful (meditating with crossed legs, thinking "All that matters is the here and now") versus someone who is mindless, in that a zombie ate their brain.
It’s hard to be mindful when you’ve lost your mind.
In this pun on cephalopod and podiatrist, we see a squid foot doctor checking out an octopus' tentacle. The squid says, "The problem with your foot seems to be the fact that you don't have feet."
Definitely worth the four years of intensive schooling
In this pun on cabin fever, we see a cabin suffering from a fever. Don't worry, he has an icepack on his head, a thermometer in his mouth, and we can only assume he dutifully took Tylenol right after this picture was drawn.
Probably related to the house that had shingles
In this comparison cartoon, a woman in Soul Cycle bike exercise clothes sits at a spinning wheel (for spinning wool into yarn) next to two old-timey women. The exercise woman thinks, "I'll never get why so many people like spin class."
I just want to really underscore my knowledge of exercise is quite minimal.
In this comparison carton, we see an OB-Gyn (a doctor telling a pregnant woman to push) and an OB-Gym (a trainer telling a straining weight-lifting woman to push)
Pretty much the same thing
In this pun on message in a bottle, we see a massage in a bottle, which is someone performing shiatsu on a relaxed client.
The inspiration never stops when you’re surrounded by elementary schoolers who can’t quite spell!
In this comparison cartoon, we see hypotension, low blood pressure that could cause dizziness, next to hippo tension- two hippos awkwardly running into each other months after one fired the other.
Medical terminology, explained
In this pun on the hit Survivor song, "Eye of the Tiger," we see the eye exam of the tiger, which is a tiger at the optometrist in the phoropter reading off the letter chart and not doing too well.
Nothing pumps me up like listening to a giant feline guess which letters are which!
In this pun on the nose job procedure - the rhinoplasty, we see a before and after picture: before, the patient is an elephant. After, he is a rhino.
Wishing I lived in a world where people with nose issues (or anyone, for that matter) could opt to be medically reconstructed into rhinos