33 Sporty Pun Cartoons

Cartoons that are almost as fun as minor league baseball gimmicks!

In this pun on the rat race, we see some rats running a race!
It’s exhausting! It’s never ending! And it’s only a 5k!
In this pun on foul ball, we see a chicken playing baseball.
Stay tuned for a run of “Asinine Chicken Puns not deemed good enough for the initial run of Asinine Chicken Puns, which were, by definition, already asinine”
In this mash up of the Kentucky Derby horse race and roller derby, we see distraught jockeys riding distraught horses who are wearing rollerskates.
I would definitely wear a funny hat and watch this.
In this pun on fantasy football draft. we see a fantasy foot draft, which includes a foot with a tattoo, a baby's foot,  a smelly foot, and a foot wearing toe socks.
In honor of the last day of fantasy football (I think?)
In this pun on ball pits, we see a basketball lifting its arms to reveal some smelly armpits. This is shockingly less gross than an actual ball pit.
Just what you want at a children’s birthday party
In this pun on melon baller, we see a piece of watermelon who is also a baller - basketball player, that is.
The tool you didn’t know you needed
In this pun on Tolkein's Lord of the Rings, we see a member of Shakespearean royalty - a Lord - performing on the gymnastics rings.
I’d say my main criticism of men’s gymnastics is that they don’t wear enough berets.
In this pun of my cup runneth over, we see a person with arms outstretched as her cup runs over.
Clearly my cup hath been working out.
In this pun on the soccer/futball festivities of the world cup, we see several pieces of dish-ware with the world printed on it - the world cup, the world bowl, the world teapot, the world ramekin.
The World Cup, in context.
In this pun on the ball is in your court, we see a basketball being sworn in by a bailiff before taking the stand in a court of law.
On the next Judge Judy...