23 Dog Pun Cartoons

Some cheer if you're having a ruff day.

We see some Paw Patrol characters that didn't make the cut: Sugar the Poodle barista, Iris the shih tzu CPA, Red. the Bloodhound phlebotomist, and P.H. Dee Dee, the pug perpetual grad student.
Though I would definitely watch this version of Paw Patrol
In this pun on therapy dog, a dog therapist engages with its client and asks, "Tell me about your pupp.. er... I mean childhood."
Some therapy dogs cuddle, others employ techniques they learned in Freudian analysis institute.
In this play on the animated movie All Dogs Go to Heaven, We see a very scary dog angel chasing a human angel, proving that, no matter how ferocious, all dogs will go to heaven.
Yes, even the scary ones.

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