22 Math Pun Cartoons

The answer to the ever-present query from math students: "When will I use this concept in real life?" (When you're drawing math-themed cartoons)

In this pun on slippery slope, we see the slope intercept formula - a vague memory from past math classes - and the "m" variable is very slippery,  covered in soap, a banana peel, and a slug trail.
Middle school math is a known gateway drug to other, more terrible things, like PhDs in discrete mathematics and being able to figure out area when furnishing an apartment from Ikea.
In this pun on New York country destination the Catskills, we see some cat skills (skills that a particular cat has): performing magic, ribbon dancing, baking, basketball, reciting the first 100 digits of pi, sleeping 20 hours a day.
Next time someone tells you they love the Catskills, it is probably just a humble brag that their cat is good at close-up magic.
In this pun on fly-eating plant the Venus Fly Trap, we see the Venus Fly Trapezoid, which is a flesh-hungry quadrilateral.
From my forthcoming collection, Quadri-bad-eral Puns.
In this pun on rows and columns, we see robots (robots in rows) vs. columnbots (robots in columns).
Automaton taxonomy
In this pun on the movie "The Matrix," we see Jack, a man having a crisis, realizing he is in the matrix, although instead of it being an alternate reality, he is in a mathematical matrix, mathematicians' worst nightmare!
I personally think the only thing scarier than learning you’ve been used as a human battery while octopus robots take over the world is being asked to remember how to do matrix multiplication.
In this pun on the imperial system conversion rate of three feet to one yard, we see three disembodied feet sprawled out in someone's front yard.
Unsolved mysteries of the Imperial System
In this pun on being fruitful and multiplying, we see someone who is eating fruit and doing multiplication problems.
And as it is such, so also as such is it unto you
In this pun on math tutor, we see a math Tudor, a British royal tutoring a kid in the math addition skill, doubles plus one (if you know 5 + 5 and 6 is one more than 5, you know 5 + 6)
The most regal profession of them all.
In this pun on the ski term bunny slope, we see the mathematical slope-intercept formula, except the m slope variable is replaced by a fuzzy bunny.
For those just learning to graph lines
In this pun on the television show Touched by an Angel, we see a man being poked by a acute angle.
I can’t tell if this is a more or less viable TV show idea than Touched by an Angel.