64 Food Pun Cartoons

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Looking at these cartoons are (mostly) guaranteed not to make your stomach hurt if you look at too many.

In this pun on cocktail hotdogs, we see three pigs in a blanket, which are just three pigs snuggled under a blanket.
A strange thing to display at a cocktail party
In this pun on yogurt culture, we see the epitome of culture - the opera- starring a yogurt container.
Nothing is more high brow than an aria sung by a breakfast food!
In this pun on the nursery rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb, a waiter serves Mary a little rack of lamb with a side of roasted new potatos.
No real little lambs were harmed in the making of this cartoon.
In this pun on 100% beef franks (aka hotdogs) , we see three cows, who are, as most cows are, 100% beef, and all their names just happen to be Frank!
My favorite part of baseball games (being surrounded by cows that all have the same name)