67 Food Pun Cartoons

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Looking at these cartoons are (mostly) guaranteed not to make your stomach hurt if you look at too many.

In this comparison cartoon, we see someone proposing a toast by raising a glass next to someone proposing marriage TO a slice of toast.
“Why do we need to memorize the prepositions? What’s the point of them, anyway?” -A fifth grader
In this pun on french kiss, we see a Hershey's kiss wearing a beret and speaking French.
Oo la la!
In this pun on the food poached chicken, we see a chicken employee of the AT&T cell phone store getting poached by a Verizon recruiter (also a chicken) who is offering $18/hour pay AND health insurance.
Obviously I’m trying to get a sponsorship from the Big Chicken lobby.
In this pun on the delicious Jamaican food dish jerk chicken, we see a mean chicken with an "I'm with stupid" shirt being a real jerk to another chicken. The jerk points and laughs at the other and says, "Do you need a license to be that ugly?"
Apparently all I care about now is chicken puns.
In this pun on the idiom "It's a piece of cake," we have it, which is, of course, just a picture of a piece of cake (it's carrot cake.)
No soggy bottoms here
In this pun on the idiom "It's a dog eat dog world," we see a dog eating a 'dog (a hotdog, that is.)
Don’t worry, this hot dog doesn’t actually contain dog meat. Just horse meat (JK! It’s not from IKEA! #toosoon)
In this pun on healthy dinner choice baked chicken, we see a chicken in a hippy poncho and beanie eating cheetos. He is obviously baked.
Really hitting some all-time lows in my weekend of “asinine puns based on different preparations of chicken.” #🐓
In this pun on fast food favorite, fried chicken, we see a chicken in business attire feeling fried and thinking, "This 80 work week is killing me!"
“Asinine puns based on different preparations of chicken” weekend going strong! #🐓
In this pun on melon baller, we see a piece of watermelon who is also a baller - basketball player, that is.
The tool you didn’t know you needed
In this pun on ego psychology, we see eggo psychology, which is a therapist doing therapy with an eggo waffle.
A great therapeutic framework for those who are constantly waffling