67 Food Pun Cartoons

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Looking at these cartoons are (mostly) guaranteed not to make your stomach hurt if you look at too many.

In this comparison cartoon, we see roast beef next to a beef roast (one bull doing a comedy roast of another cow, saying, "Cupcake, you may actually be a holstein, but I think you're more of an A-hole-stein!")
Feeling very high-brow over here. (PS: sorry this is #nsfwfh -not suitable for work from home?)
In this comparison cartoon, we see delicious Italian food treat, garlic knots, next to two adorable garlic astronauts (astronauts whose heads are garlic bulbs, ready to spread flavor to the outer reaches of the universe).
Both are out of this world!
In this pun on the stock market, we see a supermarket that just sells stocks (broths, soups, etc).
Everyone seems overly concerned about the broth store today.
In this pun on the story from Genesis of Adam giving one of his ribs to make Eve, we see Adam and Eve at a bar-b-q restaurant and Adam offers Eve one of his pork ribs to eat.
On a biblical kick, so it seems
In this pun on hipster, we see a chocolate chipster, which is a very hip chocolate chip cookie in a PBR trucker hat and ironic mustache saying, "I live in a slice-n-bake can ironically."
As I redrew this cartoon from days of yore, I realized I long not for the past, but for cookies.
This pun on the Christmas ballet The Nutcracker, we have a cracker screaming about conspiracy theories he believes.
Would I watch this ballet? Probably.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a person lazing on a couch-a couch potato-- and a couch with an actual potato on it-- a potato couch.
Lazy Sunday where my most inspired idea is about making miniature furniture for vegetables
Some peanuts stand in a art gallery of peanut-themed art.
Contrary to popular belief, this is a very civilized place.
In this pun on amnesia, we see hamnesia-  a hunk of ham with a complete lack of memory, who is thinking, "What day is it? How did I get here? Since when was I honey-baked?"
If I’ve learned anything from TV (which is my source of all knowledge), this can be cured by a hit on the head with a frying pan.
In this pun on the carnival game the cake walk, we see two cakes walking.
I can’t tell if this is healthy or not.