36 Love Pun Cartoons

Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you want to look at these cartoons one more time?

In this pun on psychiatrist, we see a psychia-tryst, a romantic tryst between two Freudian analysts. One says, "I love you, but I worry it's because you remind me of my mother." The other says, "Let's unpack that after we unpack our picnic!"
I assume each romantic rendezvous includes this exact conversation.
In this pun on "She missed the boat," we see a person standing on a dock near the empty ocean, clutching a photograph of her boat, S. S. Boat, remembering when she told her boat, "Go, see if I care!" But in this moment, she misses it.
Cue sad Sarah McLachlan song
In this scientific pun, we see two scientists in lab coats sitting next to each other working on equations. One says to the other - "This isn't chemistry between us, it's physics." (Presumably after one made a move on the other)
We see a robot seemingly on the attack saying, "Death to all men!" and a woman looking lovingly at him in agreement. The connection was instantaneous.
Happy Valentine's Day!
In this pun on the phrase that you've got to kiss a lot of frogs to find your price, we see a gal with her arm around a giant frog as she talks to her friend. She says, "I kissed a lot of frogs in my twenties, and then I realized - maybe I just like frogs
Know thyself.
In this play on the idea that zombies are chasing you screaming "BRAINS!," we see a woman charmed by the prospect of being chased by a man (albeit an undead one) yelling BRAINS, thinking "What a relief to meet a man with the right priorities."
Love in the Time of Zombie Apocalypses
In this pun, we see a person who LOVES all the symphony instruments as he embraces a cello, viola, french horn, snare drum, bassoon, and sax while seated on a piano.
A new clinical diagnosis for those with an unbridled desire to play Bach on the bassoon til the break of dawn.
In this pun of alter ego, we see a conversation between a couple, where one reveals that this whole time, he has had a second life, an altar ego, as a preacher.
Dedicated to everyone out there who learned, after months of dating, that their love interest had a secret life as a clergy member.
In this pun on the Gabriel Garcia Marquez book "Love in the Time of Cholera," we see love AFTER the time of cholera- which is just two skeletons holding hands lovingly noting that love is much easier now that they don't have sick intestines.
The sequel we all deserve
In this pun on snake charmer, we see a charming snake courting another snake, saying "You look ssssstunning!"
Preferable to the rude anacondas from Sir Mix-a-Lot’s raps