15 School Pun Cartoons

Get schooled by these.

In this pun on math tutor, we see a math Tudor, a British royal tutoring a kid in the math addition skill, doubles plus one (if you know 5 + 5 and 6 is one more than 5, you know 5 + 6)
The most regal profession of them all.
In this pun on test anxiety, we see a math test experiencing anxiety about everything, like "Did I turn off the oven? What if I miss my flight next week? Did I make a terrible mistake quitting that job back in 2015?"
How relaxing!
In this pun on animal testing, we see three animals - a rabbit, a moose, and an octopus -- sitting in desks taking tests.
It's terrible how some companies force animals to write essays about Joyce without any advance warning.
In this play on the anxiety of taking math tests, we see a girl taking an exam feeling that the student next to her has an unfair advantage on this geometry test since he is a triangle.
Dedicated to everyone who feels physically ill when asked to write a proof
We see a pterodactyl spelling "Terrific" with a silence p in front. I assume all dinosaurs use their names to inform all their spelling decisions.
I’d probably do pterribly.