31 Work Pun Cartoons

Yes, looking at these count towards your billable hours.

In this pun on "I tip my hat to you," we see a coffee shop customer tipping her server by leaving a sunhat in the tip jar. The server says, "That's not particularly helpful."
Useful advice: Only leave your hat in a tip jar if it is full of money or if it can be sold on eBay for thousands of dollars.
In this play on the phrase, "Dress for the job you want" for 2020 when everyone went remote, we see four people dressed like complete slobs, dressing for the jobs they want: remote engineer, remote therapist, remote editor, remote supreme court justice.
Trying to actualize my dream of umbros being a mandatory component for all professional attire
In this pun on wood working, we see a piece of wood working at an office (on the computer, and on the phone saying "I'll have that report ready by 2pm.")
After hours of exposure to woodworking videos/blogs/how-tos, some people come up with beautiful furniture they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. I have come up with this asinine cartoon.
In this pun on the Cobra health insurance you get after you leave a job, we see an HR rep telling a former employee, "It's a common misconception that signing up for Cobra is a safe option," because Cobra is, in fact, a poisonous snake.
To be fair, a snake would probably be more helpful than some of the health insurance providers I have had in the past.
In this play on Apple exec Steve Jobs' infamous and ever-present black turtleneck, we see Steve's job's turtle's neck. This plays out by seeing Steve, who is at work at an exotic pet shop, standing next to a turtle, who has a neck.
I’d say this sums up my knowledge of the tech industry.
We see a water cooler next to a water coolest (which is just a very hip glass of water in sunglasses).
Comparative vs Superlative adjectives, explained
In this pun on board meeting, we see a business meeting where the participants are various types of boards - a diving board, surfboard, and skateboard.
But everyone knows you’ll only get approval if you get support from the headboard
In this pun on the phrase "None of my business," we see the nun of my business, which is a nun who works at a store I would have if I had a business.
Yes, this is what my business would be.
In this pun on pencil pusher, we see a number 2 pencil - who is clearly a bully - pushing a sad little pink pearl eraser.
Thank goodness for Labor Day, a day we are freed from the tyranny of these pencil bullies.
In this pun on monkey business, we see a monkey in a suit  with a briefcase ready for business. He says, "I'll trade stock options for bananas!" which is about the same amount of financial acumen that I possess as a human.
This is my financial advisor.