14 Bagel Pun Cartoons

Almost as good as actually eating a bagel.

In this pun on food fight, we see two foods (an everything bagel and a slice of Hawaiian pizza) in a fight. Frustrated bagel says, "Gah - and you've never even BEEN to Hawaii!" Angry pizzas says, "You ruin EVERYTHING!"
Pineapple pizza versus everything bagel: the battle for my heart
In this celebration of bagels, we see a bagel depicted ala Mary of Guadalupe, shining bright while being held up by a cherub.
The holiest and the hole-iest of foods
A woman sits next to a sign at a restaurant that says "No outside food." The waiter looks at her sternly, because she is holding a bagel, but she says not to worry, it's her emotional support bagel.
Self Portrait
In this pun on manspreading, we see a man spreading... cream cheese on a bagel.
The vernacular, explained