66 Bird Pun Cartoons

These cartoons are for the birds.

We see some chickens living in pax (peace)
Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with poultry.
In this play on chicken the food having strange anatomical names, we see a chicken with its parts labeled - the fingers, the breast, and the thighs.
I never claimed to be a zoologist.
In this pun on wonder friend bar food chicken tenders, we see two chickens kissing, being tender.
What the world needs now is love, sweet love.
Two parrots make small talk, but of course, all they are asking each other is if Polly wanna cracker.
How I imagine every parrot conversation goes
In this pun on cold turkey, we see a turkey who, despite being quite bundled up, is very cold.
Life hack: Wearing pants makes you warmer!
In this play on naturalist and ornithologist John Audubon's beautiful bird paintings, we see 6 paintings of birds from John's less talented brother, Merv. They are all just curvy Vs, each labeled a type of bird "in the distance."
I would go to this museum.