21 Cat Pun Cartoons

These cartoons are the cat's meow!

In this pun on George Orwell's dystopian novel Animal Farm, we see several animals line up at a pharmacy while the cat pharmacist tells them, "I'm sorry, your insurance doesn't cover that."
A frightening dystopian tale
In this pun on New York country destination the Catskills, we see some cat skills (skills that a particular cat has): performing magic, ribbon dancing, baking, basketball, reciting the first 100 digits of pi, sleeping 20 hours a day.
Next time someone tells you they love the Catskills, it is probably just a humble brag that their cat is good at close-up magic.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a cactus, a cattus (a cactus standing like a cactus), and a quacktus (a duck standing with its arms in the shape of a cactus).
I think if there were AI built to predict my subject matter that spurted out “sort of close but slightly off” cartoon ideas, this would be its greatest hit.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a bunch of cacti next to a cat in a tie.
Both are fabulous accessories for any hipster home.
In this pun on Jeopardy, we have Leopardy, which, of course, is jeopardy where the contestants are leopards and the questions are all about leopards.
Hopefully the contestant interviews would be just as awkward as they are on the human version.
In this pun on cat call, we have a cat on the phone, calling a friend. The conversation, of course, is exclusively meows.
The only good kind of cat call (if you consider listening to incessant meowing on the telephone “good”).
A cat apologizes to its owner - who wears a lot of "I love my cat" paraphernalia - for leading the owner on, but the cat says it has been upfront about its feelings since the beginning.
This one is dedicated to my new roommate, a cat named Gomez who I will convince to be my friend whether he likes it or not.
In this pun on kitty litter, we see a jerky cat throwing some trash on the ground.
Some cats can be jerks. #notallcats
In this pun on Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat, a woman approaches a cat in a hat with an autograph book, but he tells her he isn't THE cat in the hat,  he's just A cat in a hat.
Not sure what the follow up etiquette is when you mistake someone for a celebrity.
In this pun on copy cat, we see a cat in business attire making copies on the company copy machine.
Also known as Unpaid Intern Cat