13 Computer Pun Cartoons


A software engineer in a CTO shirt is interviewing a snake, presumably about coding languages. The snake is saying, "Actually, Python was my first language!"
Don't worry, I hired a tech consultant and a snake to approve this one.
In this pun on back-end web developers, we see a spider at a job interview that is for a software engineer. The spider says, "I'm exclusively a back-end web developer," because, of course, spiders develop webs out of their back ends.
Forget worrying about robots taking our jobs- the real threat is spiders!
In this pun on software designer, we see a person (who is clearly a fashion designer, wheeling in a clothing rack of very fluffy and soft looking garments) enter a tech startup office. The person says, "I'm here for the interview. I'm a soft wear designer
Do I use python? No, snake skin is not a soft enough material for my work.
In this pun on data scientists "scraping the data," we see a woman talking to her boss. She says, "I scraped the data like you asked, but it didn't give me any information." Next to the woman is a sad chart, bleeding because he's bee scraped.
Is this what data scientists do?
In this pun on the basketball (I think?) term "Technical foul," we see a technical fowl, i.e. a fowl - in this case, a chicken- who is very technical. In fact, it uses a computer and notes that using Java instead of Python may render HTML faster.
I would learn to code, but I'm too chicken.
In this pun on the fairy tale "The Frog Prince," we see a frog, printing from his computer.
The classic fairy tale where, when you kiss a frog, he helps you install new toner and teaches you how to connect to your printer via Bluetooth.
A computer guy reads the Stephen King novel "IT." It is clear he thought it was called I.T. from Information Technology, and not in fact, a spooky book about a clown named Pennywise.
Nothing is scarier than having to ask people if they tried rebooting their computers.
Two clouds type on their computers in this pun on cloud computing.
This is the totality of everything I know about technology.
In this pun on the computer accessory of yore, the mouse pad, we see a mouse showing another mouse his apartment - his "pad." It is decorated with paintings of cheese, but otherwise, is quite tasteful.
This pretty much sums up my knowledge of computers and computer accessories.
In this pun on computer science, the major that actually gives people skills to be software engineers and make a stable living, we see a computer with goggles surrounded by test tubes, graduated cylinders, and petri dishes, "doing" science.
Needless to say, I was an English major.