17 Pig Pun Cartoons

I picked up my pig pen and drew some pig puns!

In this pun on Danish physicist Niels Bohr, we see Niels Boar, a scientist who also happens to be a wild pig.
For whatever reason, this week, I am presenting a series about pig scientists. I apologize in advance. #pigsinscience
In this comparison cartoon, we see "Swine Flies" (a pig flying) next to "Swine Flu" (a sick person on a couch)
An exploration of conjugations
In this pun on pig pen, we see a pig using a pen with a little pig eraser on the end to write a letter to a friend. The letter just says, "Oink oink oink oink."
Getting ready for school supply season
In this play on the fact that Kosher dietary laws forbid eating pork or lobster, we see a pig and a lobster writing kosher laws.
In this pun on E. B. White's novel Charlotte's Web, we see Charlotte's web of lies, where she tells farm animals lies like "I can't make it, my mom will be in town." or "I have a family emergency."
Don't worry, she'll come clean at her congressional hearing.
In this pun on cocktail hotdogs, we see three pigs in a blanket, which are just three pigs snuggled under a blanket.
A strange thing to display at a cocktail party
In this pun on pig latin, two toga-clad pigs speak Latin.
This Thanksgiving (and every other day), I am thankful the English language does not have declensions. [NB: The speech bubble is supposed to say, "I think, therefore I am a pig."]