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In this pun on x-rays, psychic reads into a crystal ball across from a customer. She says "I'm seeing... an R? A former lover whose name started with R? He still is loading the dishwasher wrong."
Definitely worth the $30
A baby sits in a shower. in this pun on "Baby Shower."
It's best to welcome a new baby by giving them an opportunity to clean off.
The Da Vinci Building Code is a pun on the Dan Brown novel. Professor Langdon points at a painting of the Vitruvian Man and exclaims, "Aha! His arms must be pointing to where the wiring needs to go!"
You get approval for any new construction only if Mona Lisa smiles.
Some cardboard boxes work in an office.
Shockingly, some prefer this to box work-from-home.
In this pun on cow tipping, a cow tips a barista at a coffee shop.
Tip servers, not cows (unless they are also servers, in which case you should)
In this pun on rocket science, we see three Rockettes, can-can dancing in lab coats while holding beakers.
They get a kick out of science!
An old-timey woman leaves a voicemail on a pay phone, saying "Ishmael, it's your mother. I don't know why you keep letting my calls go to voicemail, but please, Call me Ishmael!" Herman Melville, writer of Moby Dick, has a eureka moment.
This is probably historically accurate.
Some cars swim around in a swimming pool.
Getting ready for #HotCarSummer
A car, dressed like a clown.
Follow your dreams, even if society is pressuring you to grow up to be an ambulance or a limo.
A church and the state of Texas sit on the couch across from their daughter and tell her, It's just a trial. Mommy and daddy still love you very much.
Who are we kidding? We know they'll get back together.