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In this play on Apple exec Steve Jobs' infamous and ever-present black turtleneck, we see Steve's job's turtle's neck. This plays out by seeing Steve, who is at work at an exotic pet shop, standing next to a turtle, who has a neck.
I’d say this sums up my knowledge of the tech industry.
In this pun on Noah's ark, we see Noah's arcade, an arcade with two of every video game (2 Donkey Kongs, 2 Mortal Kombats, 2 Pac-mans, presumably 2 non-functional Dance Dance Revolutions).
You are only allowed out of the arcade when a dove arrives with an olive branch.
In this pun on seances summoning spirits, we see a seance that has accidentally summoned school spirit (which is a cheerleader who is overly enthusiastic about her school).
I guess a seance with any spirit present is a successful seance.
In this pun on the Christmas song, "Chestnuts roasting by an open fire," we see chess nuts boasting by an open fire (well, a fireplace). One brags about her  Alekhine's defence, while the other brags of his Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.
I have no idea what the people in this cartoon are saying.
In this pun on the phrase "Throwing shade," we see someone literally throwing objects that create shade - a baseball cap, an umbrella, sunglasses.
Dedicated to every 15-year-old who has explained the current vernacular to me #thanksvscogirls
In this pun on the movie "The Matrix," we see Jack, a man having a crisis, realizing he is in the matrix, although instead of it being an alternate reality, he is in a mathematical matrix, mathematicians' worst nightmare!
I personally think the only thing scarier than learning you’ve been used as a human battery while octopus robots take over the world is being asked to remember how to do matrix multiplication.
In this pun on the new year's resolution to exercise more, we see someone exorcising more by performing an exorcism on a possessed girl. (Don't worry, it all worked out!)
Taking inventory of my yearly goals
In this pun on fly fishing, we see a fisherman in a boat with a fishing rod, fishing for flies.
Now I am just imagining The Old Man and the Sea but with a fly instead of a fish. #gooduseoftime
In this pun on hipster, we see a chocolate chipster, which is a very hip chocolate chip cookie in a PBR trucker hat and ironic mustache saying, "I live in a slice-n-bake can ironically."
As I redrew this cartoon from days of yore, I realized I long not for the past, but for cookies.
The three less-wise men, in contrast with the three wise men who brought baby Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh, describe their thought processes - one refuses to ask the stars for directions, one wears uncomfortable shoes, one brings a bowling ball.
Merry Christmas to everyone, regardless of the level of wisdom you possess!