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A cartoon about things you can do instead of touching your face (when that was the CDC's COVID guidelines...): wear two foam fingers, balance four gourmet meals all day, be held hostage,conduct all business while in one of those plywood photo stands.
Some public health infographics
In this pun on stay safe, we see a safe (for valuables) staying put, saying, "I wasn't going anywhere..."
Stay safe everyone! (As an aside, I recently learned from a fabulous podcast that if you actually want your safe to stay, you need to bolt it down #themoreyouknow )
In this pun on piano bar, we see two pianos sitting at a bar. One asks the other, "You come here often?"
A good way to unwind after being slammed at work
In this comparison cartoon, we see a dog collar next to a dog caller (a dog on the phone).
Dog terminology, explained
In this pun on "Close but no cigar," we see the instruments that are "close, but not sitar" - banjo, sarangi, tanpura, mandolin, and guitar.
Idioms explained
In this comparison cartoon, we see delicious Italian food treat, garlic knots, next to two adorable garlic astronauts (astronauts whose heads are garlic bulbs, ready to spread flavor to the outer reaches of the universe).
Both are out of this world!
In this pun on the stock market, we see a supermarket that just sells stocks (broths, soups, etc).
Everyone seems overly concerned about the broth store today.
In this pun on the movie and book Gone with the Wind, we see a Southern belle asking a dashing gentlemen, "Where did my pile of feathers go?" (They, of course, are gone with the wind.)
Is that what this movie is about?
In this hippo themed pokemon pun, we see various pokemon (Jigglepuff, Charzard, Squirtle, Picachu) as hippos.
HippopotaMUST catch ‘em all!
In this pun on Roger Stone (a Trump goony)'s prison sentence being shortened, we see Roger's revised prison sentence, which is a sentence Roger has written on the blackboard and edited and notated.
What a time to be alive!