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In this pun on the phrase "I have crabs," we see someone who is thrilled to have gotten crabs - of course, they are adorable pet hermit crabs.
Dedicated to the numerous ghosts of hermit crab pets past
In this pun on the golden retriever basketball movie Air Bud, we see Heir bud, which is a young pup prince and his king dog dad, who tell him, "This will all be yours someday."
Can’t wait to stream this on Disney Plus
In this cartoon wondering where the sun goes when it sets at 4:30 after fall daylight's savings time kicks in, we see the sun at middle school play rehearsal, early for happy hour, tutoring a 3rd grader, on a dinner date with a 90-year-old
Trying to give the sun the benefit of the doubt for peacing out so early while simultaneously counting down the moments until March 8 (daylight savings time)
In this pun on board meeting, we see a business meeting where the participants are various types of boards - a diving board, surfboard, and skateboard.
But everyone knows you’ll only get approval if you get support from the headboard
In this pun on the hashtag "no filter," we see someone with a cup of coffee, looking into it saying, "This is just a cup of wet coffee grounds." This, of course, is what happens when you make coffee and use... no filter.
The difficulties of having to make coffee before you’ve had any coffee.
In this pun on score board, we see someone who is score bored - they are bored by their companion reading aloud scores from football games and various sporting events.
Dedicated to everyone out there who has accidentally gotten themselves mixed up with someone who loves reading sports stats aloud
In this pun on sports drink Gatorade, we see a gator aide, which is an alligator giving Trump political advice. The gator says, "I think officially moving your residency to Florida is a great idea!"
It’s always a good idea to get political advice from a reptile.
In this pun on the Gabriel Garcia Marquez book "Love in the Time of Cholera," we see love AFTER the time of cholera- which is just two skeletons holding hands lovingly noting that love is much easier now that they don't have sick intestines.
The sequel we all deserve
In this pun on dog walker, we see a dog walking with the assistance of a walker mobility device.
Helping dogs help themselves
In this pun on pina colada, we see a subpoena colada, a sweeter way to trick people into accepting their subpoenas to testify in the Trump impeachment trial.
A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.