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In this pun on Paul Bunyon's companion Babe the Big Blue Ox, we see Babe the Big Blue Oxford Comma Enthusiast, a blue ox schooling Paul on the thrills of grammar.
He’s big, he’s blue, and he’s ready to go on an hour-long rant about grammar at a moment’s notice.
In this pun on male pattern baldness, we see four guys going bald in different patterns - swirl, checkered, chevron, and polka dots.
Chevron runs in my family.
In this pun a swingin' singles, we see two singles (one dollar bills) swinging on a swing set.
Another example of blatant disregard for the norms of perspective drawing!
In this comparison cartoon, we see "Swine Flies" (a pig flying) next to "Swine Flu" (a sick person on a couch)
An exploration of conjugations
In this pun on fairy godmother, we see a Dairy Godmother, which is a cow that gives you the power to eat ice cream without feeling sick until the stroke of midnight.
Bibbidi boppidi moo.
In this comparison cartoon, we see sky scrapers next to sky neosporin (presumably to clean up all the sky boo-boos that the scrapers scrape.)
Not sure why the NYTimes isn’t covering the breaking news that, with the increase in skyscrapers, there’s been an unprecedented number of sky boo-boos.
In this pun on classic bad guy weapon, The Freeze Ray, we see the frieze ray, a weapon that creates beautiful sculpted decoration.
The most dangerous of all comic book bad guy weapons!
In this pun on the idea that people say fishing is relaxing, we see a guy and his buddy fishing. His buddy is a fish. And the fish tells the guy, "You're right -this IS relaxing."
Dedicated to the kid who told me one of his hobbies is “hanging out with my fish”
In this comparison cartoon, we see someone being mindful (meditating with crossed legs, thinking "All that matters is the here and now") versus someone who is mindless, in that a zombie ate their brain.
It’s hard to be mindful when you’ve lost your mind.
In this pun on ring leader, we see a ring (like, the jewelry) leading a group of other rings.
Reached an era where an anthropomorphic diamond ring is an enviable leader