236 Animal Pun Cartoons

All these cartoons are wild (except for the domesticated ones).

In this pun on ballet, we see a sheep in a tutu dancing ballet, which, when dancing by a sheep, is obviously called Baaaallet.
Can’t wait to get tickets to Rameo and Eweliet.
In this pun on giraffe and raffle, we see giraffes at a raffle, where the MC giraffe has pulled a ticket out of the fishbowl and is announcing the winner of a neck massage!
It’s very difficult to think of non-neck-related things giraffes would want to win. (The only other thing I could come up with was leaves.)
In this pun on trout and outlaw, we see a troutlaw, which is a trout in a cowboy hat and bandana.
Wanted for armed robbery and bland flavor
In this pun on the idiom let sleeping dogs lie, we see two dogs asleep in a bunk bed, spouting lies as they sleep. The dog on top says, "I definitely have a girlfriend, but she lives in Canada." The bottom dog says, "Yes, I absolutely ate your homework."
But all awake dogs must be held to a higher standard of honesty.
In this pun on pig pen, we see a pig using a pen with a little pig eraser on the end to write a letter to a friend. The letter just says, "Oink oink oink oink."
Getting ready for school supply season
In this pun on cephalopod and podiatrist, we see a squid foot doctor checking out an octopus' tentacle. The squid says, "The problem with your foot seems to be the fact that you don't have feet."
Definitely worth the four years of intensive schooling
In this pun on snake charmer, we see a charming snake courting another snake, saying "You look ssssstunning!"
Preferable to the rude anacondas from Sir Mix-a-Lot’s raps
In this comparison cartoon, we see Chicken Little (saying the sky is falling!) next to Chicken Big (saying Ow! I just bumped by head on the sky!)
Oh Lordy why do I do this? #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on foul ball, we see a chicken playing baseball.
Stay tuned for a run of “Asinine Chicken Puns not deemed good enough for the initial run of Asinine Chicken Puns, which were, by definition, already asinine”
In this pun on stradivarius violin, we see a strativarius, which is a musical violin playing rat.
The brand preferred by most rodent musicians who have a lot of cash to burn